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Downhill Skiing, soccer, classical flute performance, motorcycling, hiking, archery.

Programming Languages

MATLAB, Python, Java, C,  Javascript, Lisp (Scheme), JMP

Computational Modeling and Design

SolidWorks (extensive experience with CAD modeling, motion simulator, finite element analysis and animation), Rhino, LaTeX, CFD (overgrid, CFL3D), xFoil, LinAir, COMSOL Multiphysics, RefProp, prototyping skills (metal/wood shop).

Electronics design

Protoboard, PCB, microcontrollers, signal filtering, sensor networks

Analytical tools

 Ordinary, partial and multivariable differential equations, Lagrangians, transfer functions, Baysian estimation, convolution, hypothesis testing, regression, non-linear and chaotic systems (lyapunov exponents, basins of attraction), numerical methods (Galerkin method, spectral method, Newton’s method, multidimensional root-finding algorithms, etc.)